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The Flying Bikes

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I’ve recently finished designing the identity for my imaginary bicycle company. In this article I'll share with you a bit about the process and the decisions I made while working around the constraints of this particular project.

Design Constraints

Without going too much into details, these were the constraints I applied to my work for a fictional client.

The company graphic design had to be sportive and sophisticated yet not too formal (i.e. had to be usable for a wide range of communication vectors as commercial billboards, flyers, cards, boxes and web media).

The graphic designs had to portray a natural, sportive, friendly yet sophisticated style.

The graphic designs had to be usable across a broad range of businesses (i.e. the logo still could be usable for a motorbike business or an expedition group).

The graphic designs must to work well in one color for the purpose to be used across a variety of applications such as clothing, vehicles, cameras, etc.


The Process

For this particular process my approach was more based on emotional feeling and this is why.

When I was about 12 and living in the heart of Rome, my friends and I all rode bicycles. Theirs were all far bigger in comparison to mine and frankly I don't really remember what make mine was – it wasn’t particularly significant. What I do recall quite clearly though was that it was extremely important for each of us to show off the metal badges on the front of our bikes. Something similar to the badges founded here, here and here.


I don't know why but those bike badges just spoke to something deep inside of me.

The truth is that even though my bike was the smallest - I always was the bravest simply because I didn't really care about the bikes aesthetics. I just wanted to win and have fun! I guess I was different to the other boys.

After all these years I’ve decided to pay tribute to my memories of victories and our broken yet not forgotten bikes.

My research started with the recollection that I really was fast. I remember feeling as if I were flying. So - I wanted to incorporate wings and horses in my drawings. Secondly, I always felt regal and strong each time I won – the characteristics of a lion.

All of these characteristics had to match my design constraints. Being honest, I had lots of fun in sketching and drawing these designs but many times it could be more complicated than this.

The results? My recollections brought back to life.

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